SchoolPickUp online shop

29 March 2021

Check out the huge range of products you can purchase to support our school!

The KTS PTA are excited to finally reveal the full details of our newest fundraising initiative to you. 

Each year a massive effort is required by staff, PTA, local businesses and parents to raise the funds necessary to allow us to offer our pupils the education we want for them. Nearly all money raised comes from just a few events in the year, which can make us vulnerable to things such as bad weather and pandemics. This new option will alleviate some of that pressure by creating an ongoing revenue stream for the school throughout the year. 


SchoolPickUp is an online store, selling a very wide range of high-quality products. Not only does it have one of the best selections of products you will find online but, most importantly, 50% of the profits go straight to Kohia Terrace School.

Where possible, sustainably produced, biodegradable, eco-friendly or NZ made products have been sourced. Whether you are looking for a gift, an item for the home or kitchen or the very best lunchbox you can buy, SchoolPickUp has it all. 

As a launch special there is a 15% off coupon available here. Just sign up and you will get it instantly.   Thanks for your support!