The following information is intended to provide you with all the information you need in order to enrol at Kohia Terrace School.   We do operate a zone and therefore need to follow a clear and detailed process in order to maintain the school at its optimal size.

If you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to contact the school 09 630 4525 or email our enrolment officer Florin Hsiao (florin@kts.school.nz).

The Enrolment Procedure linked will give you information on our 

  • home zone
  • documents required for enrolment
  • school orientation (school visits)
  • year group classification
  • out of zone enrolment

In Zone Enrolments

If you live in zone (see 'Enrolment Procedure' link above), you are entitled to pre-enrol your child(ren) at any time after their fourth birthday.  We encourage parents to complete an application form as soon as they turn four to assist with forward planning. 

To fill in our online in zone application form click here. (in-zone applications only)

Out of zone enrolments

For Out of Zone enrolments please DO NOT fill in the enrolment form. Find out how to make an out-of-zone application HERE

Statutory Declaration English

Statutory Declaration Chinese

Statutory Declaration Korean

Terms of Enrolment English

Terms of Enrolment Chinese

Terms of Enrolment Korean