School Uniform

Kohia Terrace School does have a school uniform.

The correct uniform should be worn at all times (please refer to the Uniform Code below). 

All items of clothing MUST be named, particularly sweatshirts, polar fleeces, shoes, hats as these items are more likely to be taken on and off through a day. 

For the safety of students, no necklaces should be worn and earrings are restricted to studs. 


Uniform can be purchased in person, or on-line from:
School Uniform Centre
588 Remuera Road, Remuera
Auckland 1050

Second Hand Uniform Sales

Due to the current red traffic light setting, we will be selling pre-loved uniform items differently this term. If you would like to purchase an item(s) please email 

In your email please make sure you include the following information:

(1)   Student’s name and room number

(2)   Description of the item

(3)  Size needed

(4)  Quantity required

For example:  Kerry in room 17 - Year 3 skort, size 8 x 2 and a year 8 polo shirt, size 12 x 1. 

A list of the items for sale can be found here: KTS Second-hand Uniforms

We will try to fill your order with available stock (note that stock quantities vary).  A 6 item limit will apply per family.  Prices and items for sale are detailed below.

All payments must be made at the school office when you pick up the items requested (if in stock).  You will be emailed when the items are ready for you at the office to collect and pay.

You can pay by EFT-POS, credit card or cash, but please note: NO change will be given.

Uniform Code


Year 0 - 6 students: Kohia Terrace School polo (long or short sleeved) or t-shirt
Year 7 & 8 students:  students Kohia Terrace School grey polo
Kohia Terrace School pants, trousers, shorts, or skort
Kohia Terrace School sweatshirt or polar fleece 

Shoes, trainers and sandals should be mainly black or dark blue or brown.  (A small amount of a highlight colour is acceptable. Please No crocs or jandals.. Other coloured trainers can be worn for PE)

Socks navy or black, long or short, short white socks
Tights (navy or black) may also be worn
A hat (your choice) must be worn in terms 1 and 4
Year 7 & 8 studentsL Kohia Terrace School PE shirt


Dark blue or black polypropylene only
Kohia Terrace School beanie
Kohia Terrace sunhat or cap
Kohia Terrace School sports shirt (blue)
Kohia Terrace School house t-shirt
Kohia Terrace School vest