Attendance At School

The school is required to mark the attendance registers twice a day.  Your can use your parent log in to the parent portal to see your child's record of attendance.

Attendance at School 

Regular attendance at school ensures your child has the best learning opportunities and social interactions.  By attending every day possible consistency is maintained, learning output is ensured and opportunities maximised to build on previous learning.  

It is important to note that once your  child is enrolled at school, they are legally required to attend every day unless there is a justified reason for them not to do so.  

Justified reasons include 

  • Absent due to short term illness or medical reason
  • Approved absence* (including overseas)
  • Bereavement, visiting an ill relative, exceptional family circumstances
  • National/local representation in a sporting or cultural event in New Zealand or overseas.
  • A student accompanying or visiting a family member who is on an overseas posting Eg military or  diplomatic.  

*   approved absences requires a letter to Alison ( outlining the circumstances, nature of the relationship (if relevant),  length of time away. 

 As detailed in our school attendance policy, parents/ whānau responsibilities include;

  • notifying  the school if your child is going to be absent
  • trying to arrange appointments outside of school hours or in the holidays
  • working with the school to manage any attendance issues 

Time away during the term

It is important to note that holidays during term time are NOT justified.   If an overseas holiday is being considered, whānau must write or make an appointment to see Alison.  The Ministry of Education collects our attendance data each week with any unjustified absences of 5 days or more requiring an explanation.  It may be that an unjustified absence without approval from Alison is coded as Truant. 

We acknowledge that the time to connect with family is important but so is your child’s learning.  There are 12 weeks over the school year in which holidays can be taken.   We respectfully request that a holiday should be planned for these times. 

Extended time away from school can have a detrimental effect on achievement.  The school is required to do what they can to ensure equitable outcomes for all and we are committed to ensuring we achieve this as much as possible. The school employs additional staff to support students who are not achieving at the expected level for their age.  The choice to have a holiday when children should be at school can often result in additional work for KTS staff.  

Please note that if away for any length of time, a homework book or similar may need to be purchased to maintain learning whilst away.