Attendance At School

Regular attendance at school ensures your child has the best learning opportunities and social interactions.

The school is required to mark the attendance registers twice a day.  Your can use your parent log in to the parent portal to see your child's record of attendance.

Justified absences include

  • Unplanned absences such as a bus breakdown, accident, road closure, extreme weather conditions etc
  • Planned non attendance such as national/local representation in a sporting or cultural event in New Zealand or overseas.
  • Approved absence (including overseas) can also include bereavement, visiting an ill relative, exceptional family circumstances

Unjusitifed absences include

  • explanation for the absence is accepted by the school as the reason for the absence. But the reason does not fit within the school's policy as a justifiable reason to take the student off school. (Even though the parents may consider the absence was justified and may have provided a written explanation). E.g. “Molly had to stay home to look after her younger brother”.
  • New Zealand and overseas holidays.

If you are considering a holiday either in New Zealand or overseas in term time, an email to the Principal ( is requested outlining the reasons for the holiday.  It may be, that the leave can be justified as explained above.  The classroom teacher and enrolment officer  ( should also be included.