Latest Update

24 May 2020

Week 10 (21 - 25 Sept)  

Here we are at the last week of another term.   It is a busy week as we head into the holidays.

It is Maths Week so lots of opportunities for our students to solve various maths problems  Maths Ninja I believe is planning to visit the school again and we will be holding our Mathex competition on Friday.   We will have the adult maths problems up on the website from Monday.  

Wednesday is the Year 5 and 6 zone speech competition - we wish Jemima well in her presentation of the school. 

Wednesday is also the September meeting of the Board of Trustees.  As we will still be at level 2.5 no members of the public will be able to attend, but you can Zoom in if you wish.  Please let Alison know if you would like the link.  

Friday 9.00am - Room 12 and 13 host school assembly.  Country to be celebrated this week is Mexico. 

Friday 3pm the PTA will be holding an ice cream sale, with $2 ice blocks and $3 ice creams

Out-of-zone ballot

The year groups have been confirmed for the out-of-zone ballot for 2021. Find out more HERE. If you are in zone, please enrol as soon as possible so we can confirm class numbers for next year.
If you would like a tour of the school, please phone to make an appointment on (09) 630 4525. We have two time slots available: 23 September 1:45–2:15pm or 24 September 12:00–12:30pm. Spaces are limited.