Structured Literacy at KTS

At Kohia we follow a Structured Literacy approach for our teaching of reading, writing and spelling in the junior school.  A Structured Literacy approach is a highly explicit and systematic way of  teaching all important components of literacy. These components include both foundational skills (e.g., decoding, spelling, handwriting and letter formation) and higher-level literacy skills (e.g., reading comprehension, written expression).  We have invested in the Little Learners Love Literacy (LLLL) decodable texts, a Phonological Awareness Programme and The Code. 

Spelling Programmes

Our spelling programme, throughout all year levels at KTS, is based on The Code. The Code supports Structured Literacy teaching by including explicit and systematic teaching of phonological awareness, the alphabetic principle, syllable types and morphology (how words are formed). Students, as part of The Code, learn to apply their knowledge of letter sound relationships, spelling patterns and irregular spellings accurately, automatically and fluently when spelling, writing and reading.

Our home learning programme will focus on learning more about this science of words and practicing spelling based on these rules.