Harakeke Team (Yr 4, 5 & 6)

Harakeke Team (Year 4/5/6)


2020 Learning

This year, as a school, our theme for inquiry is Respect. Each term, we will explore a different element of the Kohia Code and relate it to ourselves, our community and our world. In the Harakeke team, we will work with students to co-construct our inquiry programme, but this is the basic framework we will follow.

Introduction - Treaty of Waitangi

We will explore what a treaty is, key facts about our Treaty of Waitangi, and the implications for us as New Zealanders.

Term 1-2  Tu Pono

We will be learning about how to respect ourselves by taking care of our wellbeing. This will have a Health focus and we will be exploring physical, mental, social and spiritual health, using the Hauora model and some resources from the police programme, Kia Kaha. With the children, we will come up with a project to improve an area of wellbeing for ourselves.

Term 2-3 Manaakitanga

We will be learning how to respect others, through exploring and celebrating differences. This will have a Social Studies focus and may include learning about differences in culture, gender, generation and other areas. The children will inquire into a way of celebrating these differences or breaking down barriers.

Term 3-4 Kaitiakitanga

We will be learning how to respect our environment. This will include our school, home, community and the changing world. This topic will have a Science and/or Technology focus as we explore the potential problems in our world and help create solutions to make our world a better place. It may include an inquiry into climate change and will be closely linked to any current events that may happen in our world over the next year.


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