Family Zone

Family Zone

Kohia Terrace School wants to ensure that all students are protected on the internet. For this reason, we have partnered with Family Zone to roll out changes to our cyber safety measures at school.  All school devices on the Kohia network are now subject to individual log in and are actively filtered and monitored. The same applies for devices that students bring to school as long are they are connected to the network. 

In addition to the school system, Family Zone offers home based monitoring of devices out of school hours through its Mobile Zone app, this app can also be used to block particular sites and to limit internet access at specific times.

Mobile Zone is Family Zone’s software which you can download onto your children’s devices (smartphones, tablets & laptops) to protect and manage their internet use no matter where they are or what network they are connected to. Parents can manage their children's internet settings, access and routines - anywhere, anytime via their Family Zone account called the Zone Manager. This can be done online or via the Zone Manager app.

Family Zone Insights is a FREE pack available to all families at the school providing them with powerful insights to view internet usage on up to 6 devices with Mobile Zone activated. This includes snapshots of usage and detailed reports, along with visibility into installed apps and (where activated by parents) device location.

Family Zone also offers an optional Premium pack which allows families to filter the internet (eg block adult content) and apply routines (eg study and sleep times) on up to 6 devices with Mobile Zone activated. Families can subscribe to Family Zone’s Premium pack for $59 incl. GST per year from the subscription settings within their account.

If you would like to set up a Family Zone account click on this link to go to the Kohia Terrace School Cyber Safety Hub and select the ‘Sign Up’ button to set up your account. Then, install and activate the Mobile Zone app on your child’s device to start protecting your family. All families will start with Family Zone Insights pack to view internet usage on devices with Mobile Zone activated, at NO COST. All families can upgrade to use a Family Zone Premium pack if they wish.